Santa Barbara, California

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© 2016 by Impact Family Office

An impact-focused, collaborative multi-family office. 

Impact Family Office is an impact-focused, collaborative multi-family office, with no assets under management. We believe that all the decisions one makes and actions one takes with regard to finances – investments, spending, and philanthropy – have an impact on not just our individual persons, but also on our families, friends, community, and the world. By examining, identifying, and determining the impact one wants to have, we can develop an intentional impact strategy to purposefully create alignment of financial resources with values.


Impact Family Office’s works with clients to align their values and goals with their investments, spending and philanthropy. In order to pursue and accomplish this, the following services may be provided...

  • Family office services - coordination of legal, investment, accounting, and insurance professionals, etc.

  • Independent trustee services

  • Asset management and investment oversight

  • Financial coaching and consulting

  • Impact investment policy statement development

  • Financial planning and education

  • Bookkeeping and accounting services...

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